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Home rentals Terms and Conditions: is an online reseller of travel products specialised in vacation rentals worldwide. is a portal that displays first class travel content to the best of its knowledge but does not guarantee the state of the properties owned by third party individuals. All properties features on this website are privately owned.


Limited liability:

The portal agrees to display properties solely owned by private parties and is therefore not liable for the properties and related product featured on this site. The user of this site therefore understands that he or she cannot hold responsible for the products sold on its portal as it only acts as a third party to products it does not own.


Copyright agreement: enters an agreement with the owners of the properties featured on this website stating that it will not resell nor release to the public any marketing material such as pictures, maps, text, personal information, property information visible on this website for any third party usage. Therefore, any content featured on this website is protected by copyright laws and cannot be used without the expressed consent of also reserves the right to display links to other travel portals and/or vacation rental websites that will redirect the user away from and its terms and conditions.


Travel insurance: is a reseller of travel products that does not include travel insurance. is therefore not responsible for any travel interruption such as flight delays or cancellations that may disrupt the journey of the traveller booking through strongly recommends the traveller to purchase travel insurance independently.

When the property reservation is confirmed by email from  to the person requesting the booking on this portal, he/she will have 48 hours to process the online deposit after which time the reservation will auto-cancel if the deposit is not recieved.

The deposit equals 20% of the total amount of the reservation and is non-refundable

Once the deposit is recieved, will send the customer all the necessary information to enjoy his/her trip:  e-voucher of the booking to be remitted to the caretaker upon arrival, detailed driving directions from the airport and contact information of the caretaker to ask for the property keys upon arrival.

The e-voucher will state that upon arrival, the customer is to remit the balance of the value amount of the stay at the property to the caretaker + $500USD for incidentals (security deposit). Then, on the last day, after the caretaker performs a satisfactory inspection of the premises, the $500USD for incidentals will be returned.

All these transactions are cash only, except for the initial deposit to secure the booking which is to be made online by credit card.